Modelado y Escultura
Throughout this course, you will immerse yourself in a wide spectrum of techniques related to 3D sculpture, from conceptualization and design to the execution of high-quality pieces. Additionally, if your interest leans towards character creation, you will thoroughly explore the most advanced techniques, as well as the essential fundamentals to ensure precise and aesthetically impressive work.

Our educational approach is not limited to teaching of technical skills; We also encourage creative exploration and provide you with an environment conducive to developing your own style. You will understand the importance of innovation in the world of 3D, and how to apply these perspectives to your own creations.

Fun is guaranteed throughout this educational journey, as we combine the seriousness of technical learning with creative and challenging activities. Whether you dream of becoming a renowned character designer or a skilled and respected 3D sculptor, this course is designed to nurture your aspirations and provide you with the tools necessary to achieve success in these exciting fields.

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We will teach you the fundamentals of 3D and how to apply it to your projects!
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For each specific branch we will teach you the fundamentals of 3D sculpture and how to apply it to your projects!

From 3D modeling, to texturing, lighting, and rendering of props and characters, these tools will help you better understand the flow of 3D work and create your own renders.

We will start the classes by navigating the Blender interface by entering the references, then we will model our character. For 3D modeling we will use standard techniques, recognizing the fundamental elements and tools such as extrusion, surface subdivision, mirror modifier, boolean and bevel modifier.

We will continue creating UVs to add materials and paint textures with which we will add details and imperfections to the surfaces. We will do a brief introduction to procedural materials and the node system.

Finally we will create a scenario with simple lighting to test our materials.

We’ll finish the course with the final render settings and create simple animations to display the finished model.

As we progress, we will work on creating characters and props of greater complexity.

After having introduced ourselves to modeling, we will move on to organic sculpture in Blender, to finally start working on projects of our own creation.


– Blender interface

– Modeling

– Topology

– UV’s

– Texture

– Materials

– Lightning

– Sculpture

– Render

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