TAURE Degrees

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The TAURE DEGREE is aimed at people who want to start professionally
in the world of traditional and digital graphic arts in a personalized and guided way.

The DEGREES aim to give students the basic and necessary knowledge to then be able to continue their artistic career in any discipline or specialty of their choice.


This degree is aimed at those people interested in training professionally and comprehensively in different artistic disciplines that provide basic and advanced knowledge to be able to develop in a work environment.

This training program consists of two training blocks, its structure and content are:


-Drawing: charcoal, graphite and ink (raft and wash).

-Color drawing: pastels.

-Oil Painting.

-Digital art 1


-Advanced drawing.

-Painting: watercolor.

-Digital art 2

-Final project.

The technical knowledge necessary to understand and apply each technique will be provided, as well as the theoretical foundations for its development:

-Drawing bases

-Theory of color

-Depth of field and perspective

-Construction of figure and face

-Technical application: methodology and work management (for each technique).

START of degrees (subject to availability):

From September to January you can start in the first grade or continue with the second. There is the possibility of completing both Degrees in the same school year, only in the case of starting in September, finishing the degree and obtaining the degree at the end of June. Attendance is recorded every day, and if you are unable to attend a class, the training hours will have to be made up.

The presentation of a final course project will be evaluated by the teachers and directors of the school and will validate (or not) the approval of the Degree. Upon approving the presentation of the Final Project, the corresponding “DEGREE IN TAURE” title will be delivered.

The training is daily attendance, where each degree lasts 6 months.

The Degree lasts 6 months (720 hours), 20 teaching hours per week distributed in the following schedule:

Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (80 hours per month)

Additionally: from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. open non-tutored classroom on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (+24 hours per month). Both in the traditional and digital classroom. In order to advance / improve and continue developing the work and final project.

The price of the course is €560 per month and €250 registration fee where we will include all the pictorial material necessary for the training.

Check availability: academiataure@gmail.com


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