The student who enrolls in Academia Taure knows and accepts that, when paying the registration fee and fees, he or she will have to respect the provisions of these General Conditions, as well as the specific Registration Conditions.


. Tuition is paid every 12 months.
. The minimum fee for regular students includes 4 classes per month.
. The fifth days of some months compensate for long weekends and holidays.
. Monthly payments are made online, at the School or by bank transfer during the first 2 weeks of each month, from September to July.
. If you cannot attend for a month, you must pay the maintenance fee of €50 to reserve your place.
. This place maintenance fee includes two recovery classes for traditional courses and one and one digital one.
. If you do not attend in July, you must pay the maintenance fee of €50 to be able to pre-register for the next course.
. Quarterly installments paid to benefit from a discount are closed contractual modalities and are non-refundable.
. We offer discounts to family members and students enrolled in multiple courses.


. We ask for maximum responsibility when using the free class recovery service, which is designed and intended for “emergency” cases.
. Cancellation/change/recovery of classes only through the web from your student account.
—> A maximum of 2 class changes per student every 30 days is established.
—> Cancellation can be made up to 2 HOURS before class.
—> Cancellation of your class can be made 5 weeks in advance.
—> The class change, once validated, CANNOT be canceled/changed, in case of non-attendance the class will be lost.
—> Without prior cancellation, the class CANNOT be made up.
—> In July the online recovery service is deactivated and goes into “manual” mode, that is, by email (
—> We count on the common sense of each of you for the good use of said service.

. Classes lost due to fee reduction cannot be changed, and classes lost after a drop cannot be recovered.
. Punctuality is essential both at check-in and check-out times in order to offer you quality service.
. Lateness is not a reason for delay in the next class.


. In case of temporary leave (one month maximum) and in order to keep the place, you will have to notify a minimum of 15 days in advance and pay the maintenance fee of €50 (includes two recovery classes for traditional courses and one digital).
. Starting on the 15th of each month, the School may withdraw students if it has not notified the reason for the delay in payment of their fee or for unjustified/notified absence.
. The withdrawn student will have a period of 4 weeks to collect his/her material. After the period, said material will remain at the disposal of the center.


. Students must bring their own material.
. The school is not responsible for the personal effects of students.
. You can count on an in-person material sales service.


. The warehouse is a key point in the organization of the school, and must be used conscientiously and responsibly.
. In no case will the school be responsible for the materials or the students’ work.
. The folders are saved in their proper section (Teacher/schedule).
. The works must be duly collected in the folder of the head teacher of their class, or in their own, or in the spaces provided for that purpose.

Digital Classroom:
Privacy is the most important thing! Close ALL your open sessions (mail, FB, Pinterest, etc.), before leaving your workplace.
. If any incident occurs in relation to your personal data, the school will decline all responsibility if the previous notice has not been complied with.
. We ask for maximum rigor in terms of organization and filing of work.
. In no case will the school be responsible for the materials or the students’ work, which must be safeguarded on personal external devices (USB) or in the cloud.
Traditional classrooms:
. Each student agrees to make good use of the facilities and, at the end of class, leave their workplace clean and tidy.
. Own materials must be stored properly in named boxes and in the places provided for this purpose.


. The student must communicate any change in the data provided in their registration application or update it through their user account on our website.
. Any request for administrative change must be communicated at least fifteen days before the current payment date.


. The management may suspend, provisionally or permanently, the right of access to the Academy in cases of non-compliance with the provisions of these General Conditions, as well as the specific Registration and Privacy Conditions, or any internal or general regulations that was applicable.
. The management reserves the right to modify or cancel said regulations at any time and without prior notice.

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