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We work in small groupS of 10 students maximum, with a minimum age of 7. With a gradual accentuation of the difficulty, we work on the sense of observation and retention (visual memory) and organization of work. You can start the course at any time of the year, you can choose the course or improvement that you need the most. Manage your hours based on your availability. Free: unlimited access to all ONLINE classes!
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Watercolor is a colored medium diluted in water, which produces a transparent and light-colored paint, whose intensity varies according to the amount of water we add. The watercolor can reveal the paper background which in this case acts as the true tone.

Acrylic paint is a water-soluble acrylic resin mixed with pigments, which dry to form water-resistant layers. It can be used on any type of support, is quick-drying and does not yellow with the passage of time. Its film is strong, flexible and elastic. It allows both glazes and textured fillings, although the thickness of the paint layer decreases a little due to the evaporation of the water. In the same way, it can also be applied in a covering way completely covering what is under it.

Oil is a paint with an oily consistency. Its main virtue is the correction capacity offered by this medium and the quality of the finishes, since its oily consistency provides a rich color nuance. It gives body to each brushstroke, keeping the texture of the line unalterable until it dries. It is precisely the versatility of oil painting that makes its manipulation more complicated than other techniques.

Are powdered pigments mixed with enough gum or resin to bind them together to form a dry and compact paste. The word derives from the paste that is formed in this way, this paste is molded into the shape of a finger-sized stick that It is used directly on the surface to be worked (generally paper or wood). They are strong and opaque colors whose greatest difficulty is the adhesion of the pigment to the surface to be painted, which is why special atomized fixers (spray) are usually used at the end of the drawing.

When different techniques are used in the same support. It would be convenient to distinguish between “pictorial procedure” and “pictorial technique”. By pictorial procedure is understood  the union of the elements that constitute the binder or adhesive, and the pigments. The way to apply this pictorial procedure is called “pictorial technique”.

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